The 16mm short film is a lush portrait of contemporary Harlem that evokes philosopher W.E.B. Dubois’s early twentieth century concept of “the veil,” a metaphor for the spectre of segregation in America.  There’s no singular story to it - no beginning, no middle, no end.  It runs on a loop, and the loop is infinite.  Inside that loop, people appear and disappear.  They do so within the expansive confines of Harlem, which means the Veil feels like a landscape film, a film about a place, a film about the folks who live in a place and make it what it is.  Watching it, you can sometimes feel as if there is no camera, no grounded viewpoint, no stationary place from which you can see a thing. 

THE VEIL, 16:19, © 2018
Single channel HD colour/black & white video

Screened at Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery, Magnum Foundation NYC, Apolis NYC