Spotify collaborated with Black music historian and researcher Naima Cochrane and the Smithsonian Museum of African Amercian History and Cultiure’s Curator of Music and Performing Arts, Dr. Dwandalyn R. Reece, to identify six moments and figures in Black music history.  These include the Harlem Cultural Festival, the Chitlin Circuit Black where muscians could play during the Jim Crow era, modern Afro-Latinx rap and hip-hop, and specific artists such as disco queen Sylvester and rock pioneer Rosetta Tharpe. Each of these moments is associated with a Spotify-curated playlist, a piece of clothing, and a short film focusing on these incredible moments and people in history.  The full film and collection can be viewed at

MUSIC IS BLACK HISTORY (Trailer), 01:00, © 2019

Single channel HD colour/black & white video